Snoop Leak Detector 80z non-toxic

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DescriptionExperience a revolutionary solution for detecting leaks with the snoop leak detector. This remarkable product will ensure that you are always aware...


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Experience a revolutionary solution for detecting leaks with the snoop leak detector. This remarkable product will ensure that you are always aware of any gas leakages. The process is simple and effective; just apply the solution to the testing area, then open the gas vault, and watch as bubbles or foam form in the testing area. Its thin formula allows it to reach those hard-to-reach places and provides instant results. Unlike soap, this liquid leak detector is easy to clean or wipe off. Bid farewell to any doubts and welcome unwavering safety with this top-of-the-line snoop leak detector.


  • Can easily detect large and small gas and air.
  • This liquid leak detector is non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Safer to use.
  • Does not have chlorine, aliphatic amines, or ammonium compounds.
  • One can use it at home without any caution.
  • Measurements: 2.25 x 2.3 x 8.3 inches; 8 Ounces.

Ensure Safety From Gas Leaks With Snoop leak detector

Snoop leak detector is a safety tool you need to keep your premises safe and well-protected against dangerous gasses. It is highly effective in identifying and detecting leaks. It can be used for multiple industries including the plumbing and automotive industry. It is a powerful tool that helps detect leaks so that you can quickly tackle them without delay. 

It is a time-tested solution for leak detection and has been designed with an advanced formula which can detect even the smallest gas and air leaks. It is easy to use and can quickly detect the leak by creating bubbles or foam in the affected area. 


  • It has been created using non-toxic composition and will not cause any harm to life forms. In addition, it is also non-flammable. 
  • Its thin formula ensures it can reach hard-to-reach places and quickly detect leaks.  
  • Cleaning it is easier than other materials like soap. You can wipe it off using tissue paper. 
  • It is safe to use and does not contain chlorine, aliphatic amines, or ammonium compounds. The snoop leak detector can be used at homes and other places safely. 
  • Whether its compressed air systems, gas lines, or refrigeration units, Snoop Leak Detector is a dependable solution that offers rapid response to potential issues.
  • It is your go-to solution that can save you valuable time, and enhances your overall productivity.

You can rely on a snoop leak detector for delivering precision, reliability, and peace of mind in every application. It is a highly efficient tool designed for safe and easy detection. 

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Customer Reviews

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am happy with the product

The leak detector seems to work well. When it is very hot outside, you have to keep adding more because it evaporates. Still, I am happy with the product.


Great if you ever need to test gas lines. Purchased this for a job I had at that time and it immediately paid for itself. Our sensors were very sensitive so we needed to verify using this stuff and man did it help visualize not only where, but how severe a leak is. Great product.

I would recommend it.

Guess what found the leak. I run my tig machine for the week I was running out of gas.yes, I had a leak found with this product. I would recommend it.

It works great

I had to replace a few 3/8 copper tubes under my RV after a tire blew out, and some of the fittings were flare fittings, which I just wasn't sure how tight to get. Put some of this on, and discovered it wasn't tight enough. Two more tightenings, and no more bubbles. No bubbles on the soldered joints either. It works great in decent light too, as this was under the wheel well, I was a bit concerned, but it was easy to see.

Great product

This stuff is the bomb if I had used this before wasting time and money on dyes and leak detectors, not to mention all those hot summers with no A/C. And it doesn’t take much to find even the smallest leak it’s a Genie in a bottle. Thanks Relieved

Snoop Leak Detector 80z non-toxic

Regular price $24.24